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The Latex Allergy Support Group (LASG) has three aims:

  • To raise awareness of latex allergy amongst the general public and, in
    particular, healthcare workers.
  • To provide a national support network for those affected by latex allergy.
  • To push for investigation into the increased incidences of the allergy, the
    identification of "at risk" groups and the prevention of unnecessary
    contact with known sensitising agents.

The UK Latex Allergy Support Group (LASG) is a voluntary self-help organisation founded in 1996, with 300+ members. The aims of the Group are to raise awareness of latex allergy, provide support for those affected, and promote the safe and appropriate use of latex products and equipment. An advisory panel provides advice on medical and technological issues.

Visit the British Association of Dermatologists Patient Information Gateway for answers to many questions relating to latex allergy.


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